Youth Training Workshops

It is a fact that youth from disadvantaged backgrounds or from ethnic minority communities in the UK face a big challenge in education attainment and jobs in comparison to their counterparts from other communities.
A number of issues undelay the lack of progress and the general low performance of the youth from ethnic background. Some of the issues may have its roots in social and economic situations. But other causes are mainly lack of motivation and self-esteem. Another major problem facing these youth is the lack of or absence of role models who could act as motivational factor or aspiration for them .
Our organisation aims to address these issues where possible. We organise workshops and social events for these youth to come together and exchange ideas. In these workshops we present to them ideas such as self-motivation, self-esteem, organisational skills, public confidence and leadership.

An area we are currently exploring is to form relationships and links with a number of local secondary schools and colleges with the view of working together to help motivate and raise the educational attainment of these youth. 

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