Street Collections

Members of Samasons Relief and a group of young volunteers took to the major streets of Birmingham UK to collect charity money for the needy and displaced people in Somaliland. The collection was very successful and a lot of money was received from the public who completely understood the purpose of the collection when explained to them. The youngsters who took part in the collection campaign enjoyed it too. It was a good experience for them to boost their social skills and self-confidence in public places.
" This was a very enjoyable event and it gave us an opportunity to engage with the wider public . Few minutes after starting the collection, I was able to speak confidently to total strangers explaining to them the reason why we are doing the collection. Everybody understood our purpose and contributed. We thank them all. I would like to thank Samasons Relief organisation who organised this event and gave us this opportunity. After all I feel very happy because my little effort here will help put a smile on the face of someone poor and less fortunate than me. "
Young Volunteer

The money collected in this campaign have been sent and reached the people who needs it

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