About Samasons Relief

Samasons Relief charity organisation has been created by a group of successful Somali Diaspora in the UK with a huge aggregate pool of experiences. Samasons Relief is a non-profit, community-based organisation established in 2010 in Birmingham (England) to support socio-economic development projects in the East Africa region, and assist integration of invisible community in the UK. 

Samasons Relief  coordinates resources and efforts through fundraising, training and capacity building, to unite the community through leadership development, public relations and advocacy. The working languages of Samasons are primarily English, French and Somali.

Samasons Relief is officially registered in the UK as a charity/NGO organisation ( registration number: 1144235).  As well as undertaking local activities in the UK, Samasons Relief  has achieved several high profile projects in Somalia/Somaliland.

in the UK Samasons Relief organisation aims to coordinate after school programmes and provide indoor entertainment equipment and to strengthen social activities by encouraging participation and competition among the community members.

“Samasons Relief has helped me when I was mostly in need. They helped me stand on my own feet again. “

A benefactor of Samasons Relief 

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