Borama comes to Henley Event Raises money for Cyclone disaster relief

The annual Borama Comes to Henley event took place on Mill Meadows on Saturday (14 July) in the form of a fundraising picnic.

Previous year’s events have seen vibrant celebrations with dancing and singing. However this year, Brigadier Malcolm Page who is Chair of the Borama Friendship Link Association said, “The Mayor of Borama thought a less ‘celebratory’ event would be more respectful following the recent devastating cyclone which struck Borama in May this year.”

The cyclone, described as the strongest ever recorded in the Horn of Africa, formed in the Gulf of Aden and has affected Djibouti and Somalia as well as Somaliland. Estimates of the dead in Somaliland vary from 16 up to 60. In addition, livestock have drowned and crops, homes and infrastructure have been destroyed.

Before the picnic, members of the Henley Rotary Club joined members of the Samsons Relief charity in Market Place to help collect for donations.

Yusuf Djama, Co-ordinator for Borama and Henley Friendship for the past 6 years said: “Working with the Rotary Club today has been fantastic, they have been helping us collect for the Cyclone Disaster Relief appeal in town centre earlier and now here at the riverside picnic and we hope to continue this partnership.”

Harvey Smith from Emmer Green attended the event after hearing about Henley’s friendship link with Borama. Harvey has worked in Borama schools for periods of time over the last 15 years and felt compelled to get in touch with Henley Town Council who then put him in touch with Malcolm Page.  Harvey said, “I think the friendship link that Henley and Borama is great and I’m hoping to become more involved moving forward.”

Samasons Relief is collecting donations to help people affected by the cyclone. Henley residents can donate by making payments directly into the charity’s account, using reference HBFA:

Sort Code 30 97 76
Account Number 16002660
Account Name Samasons Relief
Registered Charity Number 1144235

or via

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